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Why does good customer service have to cost money?

Without a moment to even say hello, a TMS Careologist found herself on a call with an angry borrower who wouldn’t pause long enough to let her get a single word in. Makes it tough to alleviate the problem and is a situation that call centers across the world, regardless of the industry, deal with on a regular basis.

But here’s where the TMS difference happens.

When the borrower finally paused for a brief moment, the Careologist took the opportunity to make the one connection she thought would outweigh his frustration — she told him it was her birthday. It wasn’t a lie, and instead, it became a creative way to find common ground with a borrower. The crazy part? It was the borrower’s birthday too, and by the end of the call, he was even singing happy birthday to her.

Her quick thinking to let the borrower know it was her birthday wasn’t an accident. It wasn’t a ditch effort to get a borrower to stop yelling. It was her implementing and acting on what she was trained to do. It’s what TMS’s culture is designed to deliver.

The second situations like these are viewed as a negative burden is where things go wrong. It’s no surprise that customer service call centers are one of the most misunderstood fields. Good customer service doesn’t cost money. It’s not a giant feat to treat borrowers the way they deserve.

Why is it so hard to be friendly to a customer on the phone? Stop treating them like a stranger and find a way to make a connection.

The TMS difference includes weeks of comprehensive training where the CCare team job shadows, role plays and listens to calls to ensure they’re living out TMS’s core values: People Matter, Inspiring Leadership, Strength of Character and Rock Solid Service.

Living out these core values daily ensures that every person at TMS is delivering outstanding customer service on each and every call. Whether it’s finding common ground celebrating National Pi Day or the start of baseball spring training, team members make each and every borrower feel like family by creating a genuine connection.

TMS built a coaching culture to champion team members who will then champion borrowers. From there, TMS committed to never stop growing and learning. Each call and every NPS score is an opportunity to fine tune the process more and grow.

It’s why TMS now boasts industry-leading NPS scores. According to monthly surveys, 85% of borrowers say they would refer TMS to a family member. And, this is on top of 89% of borrower issues getting solved within one call. In an industry that has taken customer service out of servicing, TMS is proving it is possible to make sure every borrower feels like a successful homeowner.

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April 30, 2019