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TMS named HousingWire TECH100 winner for the second year in a row

Award recognizes industry-leading subservicing platform SIME

HousingWire named industry-leading fintech company TMS a TECH100 winner for the second year straight, recognizing the growing influence of TMS’s subservicing platform SIME, Servicing Intelligence Made Easy, in the industry. The renowned list spotlights the companies with the most impactful technology in the housing industry that are pushing the edge of innovation to move markets forward.

Building on its 2018 TECH100 award-winning SIME that’s revolutionizing servicing, TMS is named again in 2019 for the launch of Happinest Mobile. TMS Happinest Mobile is a new borrower-facing mobile app powered by SIME, a first technology in the servicing industry, that allows the borrower to easily upload and download documents for their loan directly from their mobile phone.

Beyond the mobile app, TMS is on the cusp of unleashing the power of SIME to the entire servicing world with its Blockchain patent. With provisional approval for three patents, TMS is using the power of SIME to take a seat at the Blockchain table to be the leading expert in creating a master database of all servicing records in the country.

“It’s a huge honor to be a named a HousingWire TECH100 winner for the second year in a row,” said TMS President Ali Vafai. “Since the launch of SIME, our team has been working in overdrive to evolve this technology so that the customer is at the center of the equation.”

SIME paves the way for a new type of dynamic relationship between a subservicer, lender, and their portfolio, technology that powers an exceptional customer experience. SIME gives the lender click-of-the-button-access to all servicing data and customer interactions, including payments, escrow, recorded calls, documents and more. Lenders now have complete transparency into their customer portfolio – the lender can see what the subservicer sees. SIME is available exclusively through TMS Subservicing or Master Servicers can now purchase the SIME software at

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April 19, 2019