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Is now a good time to buy a home?

Thoughts on when you should search for your Happy Home

To help coach you through the home-buying process, we zeroed in on three main factors you should consider when asking the question: Is it a good time to buy a home?

Mortgage Interest Rates

Even though mortgage rates are rising, they are still historically low. So the sooner you purchase your home, the sooner you can take advantage of today’s low interest rates.

Housing Inventory

When inventory is low, like it is right now, it may be harder to find everything you want in your dream home. Don’t be discouraged. Learn to compromise and prioritize the features that you want in a home. That way, when you do find a home you like, you can act fast.

Home Prices

When home prices rise, home values rise, too. This is good news and it can work to your advantage since the value of your home could continue to increase after you buy it, giving you even more equity in your home.

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August 21, 2018