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CAREologist Spotlight: Jenny Vu

CAREologists play a big part in making us who we are. They’re the ones on the front lines, interacting with our customers, ensuring that their needs are being met. They exemplify our Core Values, the four-part system that drives every action we take as an organization. And, in December 2020, CAREologists were the ones who voted TMS an MPA Top Mortgage Workplace.

CAREologists bring such Joyitude to our customers and homeowners, it’s only fair that we shine the spotlight back on them. In a recent blog post, we discussed how CAREologists are so darned good at helping Grow Happiness in everyone they meet. Here, we zero in on one particular CAREologist, Jenny Vu, who joined us in March of this year. 

Jenny is no stranger to call centers. She’s worked as a customer care representative before, but never, she says, has it been as fulfilling as working with TMS. We asked Jenny a few questions about all dimensions of her experience, from 220+ hours of training to interacting with customers to resolving issues with leaders.

TMS: CAREologists get a lot of training — 220+ hours, to be exact. What was it like to receive such in-depth training? What impact has it had on the quality of your work?

Jenny Vu: Our training process is very detailed and takes a good deal of time to complete. But it’s super interactive. We aren’t expected to sit and just retain a bundle of knowledge. We get to interact with our training modules, choose answers, move little unicorn avatars around, meet up in groups, and have discussions while in class. We are allotted time to ask our million questions and get proper detailed answers. This extensive training allows us to be able to resolve customer concerns quickly and thoroughly, and in many cases, on the first call. It also helps us give a them that personal touch they’re looking for.

TMS: One of our Core Values is “People Matter.” How do you see that translating in your day-to-day work? And how does it impact your interactions with customers?

JV: “People Matter” is portrayed every day, in every action and interaction. From members of management to our agents on the floor, everyone stays true to it. Our SVP Johnny Spagnola and VP James Braxton make it a point to always say hello to us every day as they walk by. They make it a point to get involved and work with all of us to improve every customer’s experience.

My department manager, Anyelina Reyes, always makes herself available. When we need to discuss important matters, she takes time to sit with us and clarify any issues we may have. When calls get busy, she jumps in and takes calls! You don’t see that in most companies. She truly inspires leadership with her actions and proves that our customers matter — that no matter what position you’re in, you can also take a call and speak with a customer to resolve their concerns.

All of the team leads take the time to check in to see how I’m doing or if I have any questions. They allow me to reach out and ask my questions and learn their workflow so I can improve my own. My fellow Level 2s are always so willing to assist and take on extra work when we need coverage. Agents on the floor will check in and have a chat as I walk by or even reach out via message to see how I’m doing.

I love it here. TMS truly shows that our People Matter, and it improves my ability to assist customers I interact with. I hold myself accountable for any promises I make to customers and any mistakes I may make. It allows me to correct myself and provide customers with the correct information and expectations. I am able to assist customers to the best of my abilities and escalate what needs to be escalated with the knowledge I have and because of the open arms that everyone presents.

TMS: In 2020, CAREologists were instrumental in voting TMS a Top MBA Mortgage Workplace. How does working for TMS compare to your experiences with previous employers?

JV: TMS has been one of the best call centers I have worked for. I absolutely truly love it here. I feel warm and welcomed every day when I’m at work. I am happy when I am here. I love everyone being back in office and being able to see and talk to them.

There you have it! Thanks so much to Jenny for taking the time to answer our questions, and thanks to every CAREologist who makes TMS a place where People Matter.

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August 31, 2021